It's fall, y'all!

Just like that, it was gone! Regardless of your begging and pleading, warm weather made its exit. As you stare in the mirror asking “why,” you may begin to notice that your favorite season has wrecked a little havoc on your skin! Don’t fret, fall is the perfect time to repair the damage done during all that fun and sun and prepare your skin for the colder months ahead. Here are a couple quick tips to bring that radiance back to your skin: •Exfoliate The elements that come along with warmer temps can leave your skin looking a little, blah. When you exfoliate, you remove the dead skin cells revealing a dewy, healthy appearance. (See, there is clean, gorgeous skin hiding under there!) Exfoliati

Toxic Beauty

With cancer now responsible for one in every four deaths in the US, mounting research continues to expose how common chemicals in home and beauty products are closely linked to cancer. Many Americans may not realize that the most significant exposure they will have with toxic chemicals is through the home and beauty products they use every day. In spite of the mounting research, loopholes in US federal law allows the beauty industry to put unlimited amounts of chemicals into personal care products with no required testing or monitoring of health effects. Our beauty products are perhaps the most critical products we come into contact with. Just think about that favorite lip gloss of yours. D

The Magic of Hibiscus

When hearing the word hibiscus, not many facts come to mind. However, I have always associated the flower with my grandparents’ garden. It was filled with hibiscus. Red, orange and pink flowers lining the yard. When I was a child, I would place the flowers behind my ears and hula dance around the yard, pretending I was in Hawaii. Little did I know that hibiscus contains many other benefits outside of its ability to take me away to another land. Now my favorite use for hibiscus is in my skin care routine. It has a magical reputation due to the high amounts of natural alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs are known to help exfoliate skin, speed up cell turnover and help control acne breakouts. When

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