Change Requires Change

Our March charity, Connections to Success, works to break the poverty cycle. They know that most people do not want to live on the system but they do not know how to break out of it. Connections offers others a chance to learn a skill, a way to close the gap between an entry -level job and a living wage. A place where the employees can feel good about the work they are doing. A place that can give them a sense of pride. CEO and co-founder, Kathy Lambert, says, “If we are going to have change happen, you have to love people.”

Connections to Success

We are so excited to introduce you to our March charity, Connections to Success. Connections’ strives to break the poverty cycyle that is repeated daily in communities all over our nation. A cycle that impacts generations of families and is made up of factors that are multifaceted and complicated. Connections’ provides a comprehensive network of services and support to help people living in poverty become economically self-sufficient. They use a holistic approach that is more than just teaching someone how to fill out an application or train them in a skill. Their model, with lifelong mentoring at its core, delivers evidence-based results and impacts all areas of a person’s life. Throughout

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